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Remembering Italy a lot today. Here is one of the countryside views that we enjoyed while traveling through Umbria and Tuscany. This was a field of wheat with distant views of green field and vineyards.  I believe we were driving from the small village of Corciano to Lago Trasimeno.  Along the way we encountered many things including almost being hit by a large truck.  The ride itself was thrilling.  At one point we visited an ancient ruin along the side of the road.  It said private and that we shouldn’t enter, but it was hard to resist and there was nobody around that is of course until we all disembarked from the 2 vans we were riding around in.  We shot as many photos as we could and then sped away as someone started to head towards us from the hill above.  We had lunch in a roadside place where you really did have to speak Italian to converse and order.  Luckily 3 weeks of total language immersion had given me enough language to be able to order.  The seafood salad was filled with huge pieces of fish, calamari and mussels.  It was all served in a sort of marinade.  Delicious.  It was a grand day, just one of many we had.  


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