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I found this website that is sort of fun to play with. I have always loved poetry and words and also typography. While participating in a chat on an Art Educator site I found wordle.net. It is a cool site that lets you enter words and then randomly jumbles them up in different fonts and colors. The designs can be interesting because of the randomness of what occurs. You can save your creations to a gallery if you like how they turned out. You can also edit the look of your design with some of the tools that change color, layout, font and several other features. The randomness of this endeavor is part of what really appeals to me. I could do something similar in Illustrator or InDesign or with a real cut and paste collage, but this is just kind of a fun way to brainstorm. These are almost like thumbnails for something else. Have fun with the wordles! Here’s one of mine.


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