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At last spring is here. Color has returned in the hues I love. Daffodil yellow, blue-violet hyacinths, periwinkle scilla, cotton candy pink tulips and more. I love spring. The other day I was out in pursuit of new yarn (not that I don’t already have piles of yarn yet to knit). It was one of those blustery spring days, but with each gust of wet drizzly air I could see the flowers bulging with life and the grass greening and swelling. I passed by Lake Michigan on my way ’round town and the turbulent inland sea was so exciting to watch green waves crashed in all directions. I imagined the days to come with sail boats and swimmers, but for now the day belonged to the wind and rain and the necessity of water to bring back the life that slept all winter. Strange that I would so love a stormy day. Spring makes everything seem beautiful and bright and full of hope. Of course the next day when I woke to a dusting of white powdery snow I was not as amused!! I had planned to plant my vegetable garden, at least the lettuces, but I’m glad I waited. The snow was quickly gone and the greening continued.


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